How To Set The Perfect Dinner Table

Hosting a dinner party comes with a lot of responsibility which sometimes can translate into stress. You are responsible for everything especially if you don’t have any additional help, which means the cooking, cleaning and decorating! 

One of your tasks as the host is to make sure that table arrangements go seamlessly with the party’s overall theme.

Naturally, the dining table will be the center of attention, so you will want to make sure it makes a great impression on your guests. 

Tablescaping is the official term for artistically arranging the articles on a tabletop. Here are some tips to get your beautiful table design started:

  1. Whatever you design should come from the heart AND keep within your budget.
  2. Start creating your tablescape as far in advance as possible so that you can change it over time. 
  3. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, but make sure it all ties in together (e.g., color, shape, pattern). 
  4. When deciding on the elements of your tablescape, look at what you have at your disposal and see if a color palette emerges. White plates is a great place to start, and then bring in colors with your glassware, tablecloth, napkin, flowers, etc.
  5. Fresh flowers are always nice to have on the table. Remember to keep them reasonable in size. If they’re too tall, it’s hard to see and talk to each other. 
  6. Lastly don’t put drinks on the table. Try to have a drinks trolly or bar table, and let your guests pour their own drink! Drinks on the table just makes the table look full and untidy.

“Adding something fresh on the table can change the entire look of your tablescape and elevate the entire setup.”
Martha Stewart