Getting My Home Ready For Ramadan

Getting my home ready for Ramadan is my favourite thing to do, i find myself spending more time inside of the house, which is why my home needs to look and smell perfect for Ramadan.

The way my house smells is very important to me, I take my home fragrances very seriously which is why it is very important to me which scents and products I buy. This Ramadan I am using @nuhrhome_sa through out my house and I want to share with you a few ways I make my home smell beautiful for Ramadan.

1. It is essential to keep the house smelling fresh and pure during Ramadan, the house becomes more inviting with an enchanting aroma. You can go for various fragrances that suit your mood. A huge range of diffusers, candles, fresheners are the modern day and traditional options that can make your home smell right at all times.

2. My whole house is sprayed early in in the morning and in the evenings with room sprays, I chose the scent Peony and Oud from @nuhrhome_sa for Ramadan, as with most flowers, peonies are known for their fresh aromas, so why not start and end your day with fresh aromas.

3. In Ramadan I make a separate prayer area in my home that i adorn with flowers, prayer mats, schedule calendars, Quran, and Islamic books for my children. This area is fragranced with the Jasmin and Oud diffuser. Jasmin has a pleasing and uplifting effect on the mind and that’s the very reason I paired this scent for my prayer room.

4. I always add fresheners to my pantry cupboard it keeps my pantry smelling beautiful, fresh and omits the strong spice odours. I used the Mango and Oud scent for my pantry, which is a blend of Middle Eastern Oud sweetened with exotic juicy mango and fresh grapefruit, followed by red rose, geranium, patchouli and sweet musk.

5. Lastly candles are my favorite way to scent up my home for any season and occasion, I also chose the Mango and Oud candle for my kitchen area. It’s the most perfect scent for the kitchen this Ramadan.

My home is smelling ready for Ramadan and I hope this helps you get your home smelling beautiful too 💛