How I Prepare For Iftaar

We are just a few days away to the most beautiful and peaceful time of the year.

Preparing Iftaar and meals can be difficult for everybody, thinking of what to serve your family and managing your time, today I am sharing with you how I prep for iftaar and what I serve my family.

1. I don’t plan meals any other time of the year but in Ramadan I plan 1 week in advance. This avoids me running around the shops when I can spend this time in Ibadat

2. I love cooking as fresh as possible in Ramadan, Not spending more then 30 minuets prepping in the morning and 1 hour before iftaar.

3. We tend to break our fast with dates, yogurt, bagels, zam zam water, fruit, soup or savouries.

4. I like my table to be ready with my zam zam water, dates and fruit at least 5-10 minuets before iftaar, this way I am not rushing to set my table and breaking my fast in the kitchen.

5. We delay our main course for after Maghreb namaaz and dessert and tea for after Taraweeh. This way it gives us enough time to digest and prevents us getting full too quickly.

6. I try and cook my main meals as I would on a normal day. The fasting days in South Africa are short so it’s easier to cook our normal meals.

7. We love to eat a veriety of sandwiches for our main meal this would be served with pasta salad, chips, salad and coleslaw etc.

8. We also enjoy eating rice dishes in Ramadan as per normal, especially on a Friday I would cook my normal curry or dhall and rice.

9. After Taraweeh we love to end the night with something warm to drink and a sweet treat, this would be cake or dessert.

I cannot wait to share my Ramadan meals and recipes with you. I would love to hear how you prepare and what you serve your family for Iftaar. ❤️