Mums Eid Milk

When I was a kid I was convinced there were only 3 ways to establish which day Eid is:

1. The sighting of the new moon

2. Applying mehndi before I sleep

3. The unmistakable smell of mums Eid Milk when I woke up

Today I am sharing with you my mums “Eid Milk”. I’m sure everybody has there own family recipes, but this is ours.

Mums Eid Milk

Recipe Credit: behindkitchendoors (my mum)

Picture Credit: behindkitchendoors

1 litre milk

Suger to taste

1 teaspoon ground cardamom powder

1 teaspoon round nutmeg

1/4 cup ground almonds

1/2 cup slithered almond

1/4 cup finely cut pistachio

1 tablespoon grated coconut

1 tin condescend milk

1/4 cup fresh cream

1 tablespoon ghee

Handful Vermicelli


Heat ghee, one handful of vermicelli broken in small pieces, braise until pink

add, milk, cream, condensed cream add more sugar upon tasting is needed and stir together

Add the ground and slithered almonds, pistachios and bring to a boil. Add cardamon powder, nutmeg and coconut and let it all boil for further approx 10 mins.

* adjust sugar as needed