Eid Supper Tablescape

Eid supper was hosted by myself and I went for a completely different tablescape to what I normal do. I decided to go for a minimalistic approach to Eid this year and keep it modern and chic. I wasn’t too sure if i was going to like it but as it all came together it was perfect.

Flowers are enjoyed by all, however this season we are seeing more and more greenery in the floral arrangements, and it it is something we can all do by using the plants we have in our garden.

I opted for a pop of green against the grey table and plates, adding different heights with the vases, a touch of pink with the drinking glasses and sleek black cutlery.

I added serviette rings and cloth napkins to give it a slightly formal appeal as I did not want it to look too casual. (It was Eid after all)

I served all the food as a buffet so we could appreciate the tablescape and avoid having to remove anything from the table. I think it looked beautiful and I’m so happy how it all came together in the end.