Toasted Cheese

There is nothing more comforting, warming, and delicious than the classic toasted cheese sandwich. And we all could use a little extra cheesy comfort to get us through the day, but before I share this recipe with you there is a few things you need to know about toasted cheese.

1. Start with good bread. You can use normal white bread but a crusty sour dough bread takes toasted cheese to another level.

2. Don’t go light on the cheese! Strong cheese is what you need, and LOTs of it!

3. You need LOTS of butter too, worry about the calories afterwards!

4. ALWAYS grate the cheese yourself, and try and use the fresh sliced cheese not the processed slices.

5. Lastly do not use a toasty maker, toasted cheese MUST be grilled on a frying pan.

Toasted Cheese

Recipe Credit: Tasneem Patel


2 slices sour dough bread

2 teaspoon mayonnaise

1/4 cup strong mature cheddar cheese

1 slice monetary jack cheese slices

1 tablespoon salted butter

Salt & black pepper to season

1 teaspoon mixed herbs


1. Spread 1 side of both sliced bread with mayonnaise

2. In a frying pan melt 1 tablespoon butter

3. Add 2 slices of bread onto the melted butter mayonnaise side down.

4. As soon as the bread goes onto the the frying pan, add the sliced and grated cheese on 1 slice of the bread.

5. Once the cheese starts melting add salt, pepper to taste and oregano.

6. Once the slice of bread without cheese is golden brown and crunchy sandwhich together and cook on low till cheese completely melted.

7. Sprinkle more oregano and salt and pepper.

8. Serve while hot