Lychee & Rose Water Phirni

Phirni is another popular milk dessert eaten in the month of Ramadan. Phirni is a pudding made with milk, semolina and traditionally flavoured with rose, cardamom or pistachio. I wanted to play on different flavours so I paired the traditional recipe with Lychee & Rosewater. It a match made in heaven!

Lychee & Rosewater Phirni


3 tablespoon Semolina

1/3 cup condensed milk

2 cups milk

4 tablespoon lychee juice

1 tablespoon rose water

Drop of pink food colouring

1/3 cup nestle cream


1. Make a paste with 1/4 cup milk and semolina

2. Bring the rest of the milk to boil with pink food colouring

3. Add the paste to the boiling milk and stir until it starts to thicken

4. Add condensed milk and stir. Remove of heat and allow to cool slightly

5. Add rose water, lychee juice, nestle cream and mix

6. Pour into bowls and decorate

BKD Notes

Original recipe inspired from Food and Flair

You can find the traditional recipe further down my page & under Ramadan20 highlights

I used lychee juice from the can

Rose water can be added to strength

If you prefer your phirni thicker in texture add more semolina

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